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What to do With Your Old Computer Accessories

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 4:40:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

So, you just bought a new PC and have just figured out that the old one’s accessories are redundant on the new one. What do you do about it? This is a question that is commonly on the mind of PC buyers as they buy a new system. Most of the times, they tend to just throw everything away and thus miss out on several important things that could be done with old computer accessories. If you are also planning to just dispose-off your items then don’t, because there are a ton of things you can do with your old PC stuff.

Here are some of the best things you can do with your old accessories:

  1. Offer it for Sale

No matter how junk you think your item is chances are that there is a willing buyer for it. Visit a market that deals in old computer accessories and try to cut a deal with your old PC. You will be surprised to know how many dealers will be willing to pay you a good rate on items such as LCDs or any other Video Display Unit, old graphics card, RAM, etc. Other used items that have a good value in the market are hard disk drives and printers. When selling your stuff, try emphasizing on the brand of your accessories as having a popular brand’s item will most likely help you in getting a good rate.

If you find it difficult to visit a market then do a yard sale. This will definitely make your neighbors be interested in your stuff. Computer accessories related to gaming often generate immense amount of interest from the young buyers and items such as Graphics card, Mouse or Headphones will likely be sold off before the end of the day. Also, try emphasizing on the benefits and specifications of the gaming accessories and technology as this will surely make your stuff be appeasing to young buyers.

  1. Trade with a New System

Few buyers are aware of the fact that by trading their old accessory with a new one, they may avail a discount on the new item. Computer accessories such as video display adaptors are often seen as “classic” for any buyer and if maintained then these can be easily sold or traded. Other items such as your old keyboard should give you a discount of around 15 to 20 percent on any new one if you choose to trade with it.

E-commerce sites also offer options that help buyers and sellers to trade their stuff. Try visiting some of these sites to trade your old flash drives, speakers, webcams or chipboards. Just be sure that you offer a competitive price for your accessories that is relative with other similar items placed on the site.

Old computer accessories should not be thrown away. Instead, try to take a bit of time to figure out how to sell them. You will surely find someone who will be willing to treat your junk as treasure.  

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