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VuPoint Magic Wand III Portable Scanner Review

Monday, March 23, 2015 5:43:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

Is your old scanner giving you a hard time? If so then choose the VuPoint Magic Wand III Portable Scanner and make your scanning tasks easy. It is already a top choice for students who found it to be portable and easy to operate. Before going further into the review, let’s have a look at its specs:

  • 1” LCD display screen

  • Saves files on a microSDHC/microSD memory card (you have to purchase this separately)

  • Creates high-resolution archival copies of documents, photos and even fabrics

  • Comes with a one-year warranty

  • Provides three scanning resolutions: 300 dpi (low), 600 dpi (high) and 1050 dpi (fine)

  • Approx scanning length is: 300 DPI = 98” (max), 600 DPI = 45” (max), 1050 DPI = 35” (max)

  • Approx scanning width: 8.35 inch

  • Approx scanning speed (for A4 and standard letter size paper): Low res (300 DPI) with color = three seconds, high res (600 DPI) with color = six sec, fine res (1050 DPI) with color = eleven sec.

  • Depth: 1.1 inch

  • Approx weight: 0.43 lbs

VuPoint Magic Wand III Portable Scanner is easy to grip onto, which means that there are very few chances of an accidental drop from your hands. It operates on two AA alkaline batteries and many users have complemented its ability to run for longer periods. Its battery cover slides easily, letting you have further assistance with your power replacement options.

The scanner provides excellent scanning, even when you select the 300 DPI option. The fine detail it gives on every color element as well as small text is one of its major strengths. So now, you can scan all your office documents, research papers or assignments with better efficiency.

The LCD screen of VuPoint Magic Wand III Portable Scanner gives you an indication about how many scans you have performed, along with your scan’s resolution and mode. Two LED’s located besides the main LCD screen will let you know if the scan activity is in progress or if any sort of error has occurred.

With its USB port, you can easily connect the scanner to your PC. This means that you can also do all your data transfers without any hassle. The scanner comes with a user manual, USB cable and a software CD. As per user reviews, the scanner works great with PC’s. This is the direct result of the excellent compatibility features that its manufacturers have worked so hard at. The package of VuPoint Magic Wand III Portable Scanner also consists of a pouch. So now, you can easily pack this item with your luggage.

Besides all these great features, there are some points of concerns you should note. For example, users have often criticized its ability to cover text near a page’s edges. But despite such issues, the scanner does a great overall job, as per most of its users.


With so many positives and so few negatives, this scanner is a good choice for users of all ages and fields. So avail it now from sources like goodguyselectronics, you will certainly not regret it.

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