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Popularity of Video Games Nowadays

Monday, February 16, 2015 4:58:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

Video and computer games are immensely popular among the youth. Thanks to the evolutionary advances in gaming technology, video games today have immensely changed compared to just a decade or two ago. You will laugh when you compare today’s high definition games with days of Space Invaders and Pac-Man. As a result, the interest that these video games generate is so immense that nowadays it is common to find people of all backgrounds and age groups playing them.

According to recent studies, these games are now more famous than the world of Hollywood movies in different segments of the population. This is evident from the fact that in the United States, video games revenues has surpassed those of Hollywood revenues. Experts believe that due to the continuous change in technology, this gap in revenues will only get larger as time passes by. It is also predicted that more people will get involved with gaming as they tend to show a more realistic simulation of life.

The popularity of games has also increased due to supporting evidences that suggests that games positively impact the players’ psychological characteristics. Modern research has suggested that specific games have the ability to improve a person’s hand eye coordination. Games can also make learning more fun for children. Also, several hand held games are credited for helping sick children with their recovery process as the players are able to keep their minds busy playing an action game, solving a mystery or completing a puzzle. Here are some facts that are enough to headline the popularity of today’s video and computer games (all data mentioned below is associated with the United States):

  • The average age of a gamer is 34 years and the average number of years for which adults have been playing games is 12.

  • 25% of the gamers are under the age of 18, 49% are of the age group 18-49, and 26% are 50 and over.

  • Around two-thirds of the households play video games.

  • The average gamer spends around eight hours a week playing games.

  • Females account to 40% of all gamers.

  • Three quarters of parents have stated their satisfaction with parental control facility in game consoles and 83% have admitted placing time limits on their children for playing video games.

  • In more than 90% of the time, children purchase games in the presence of their parents. 64% of parents believe that the games have a positive effect on children and around half of the parents have admitted playing games with their children.

Experts believe that besides graphical advancements, the factors of storyline, music, and gameplay, have also evolved significantly, thus allowing games to create a special influence on the players. The rise in gaming activity has also significantly increased because gamers can now compete with each other via LAN based gaming. The development of online gaming has further boosted the “addiction” of gamers, thus contributing to the rising popularity of the gaming activity.

Finally, it can be said that the video games will only get more popular as more investment and public interest are derived towards it.  

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