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How to Set up Networking Devices for Your Office

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 3:06:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

It is easy to set up a networking mechanism for a small to medium level office and you don’t have to be a professional technician with tons of I.T experience for setting up network devices. All you need is the right set of networking devices that should take just a few hours to install. Though the process is simple, but even the slightest of mistakes can end ruining your setup. Therefore a careful course of action is a must from your side. If you are new to installing these devices then it will be good if you take a look at the following guide that will help in setting your online networking.. Also, do take note of the involved networking devices as they are pivotal to this entire process:

Office Systems:

A good networking system always depends on standard office systems as much as it does on the networking technology. So, if you want the best performance for your setting then try availing the following systems in their most up-to-date tech form (the quantity may vary depending on your office’s requirements):

  1. Four main personal computers

  2. Two laptops

  3. Two printers

  4. One internet connection

  5. One back up device

Networking devices

The following devices will be used for your office setting:

  1. One Broadband Router/Modem

  2. One port switch of size 4

  3. One port switch of size 8

  4. One wireless router

  5. Fifteen 10 meter patch cables

  6. Two Ethernet over Power Adapters

  7. One print server

The port switches are available in various sizes such as 4, 15 and 24. For our selected office setting, we are using two ports with varying sizes. You can use different items based on your chosen setting. Also, other items such as patch cables and Ethernet over power adaptors may vary as well.

Setting it up

Here is how you should set up the networking devices at the office. The broadband router should be connected with the cloud services. This router will be attached with a port switch A through LAN. The port switch A can be connected with the network-attached storage device and also with other personal computers and Ethernet adaptor A.

The network-attached storage can also be connected with a printing device. The port switch A can be connected with another switch (let’s say B) and this switch can be connected with other personal computers as well as printers and a wireless router. The laptops present at the office can be connected with the networking mechanism. And because of the wireless router and other personal computers can be connected with the system through Ethernet adaptor B, which is also part of the system.

Points of Concern

Here are few points of concern that should be taken note of whenever you try to set up your networking:

  1. Always make sure that the network-attached storage has the latest protection software so that it may avoid any type of malicious viruses.

  2. The LAN cables should be placed safely, thus ensuring that they do not get damaged.

The network devices in your office are as good as your setup. So, when installing the system, just be sure you make the optimum use of the equipment and read the step-by-step manual provided therein.  

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