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Best Laptops Brands for 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015 7:01:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

#1: Apple

Apple is one of those few brands that do not need any introduction. Everything about the Apple laptops, their features, models, or other associated things are widely considered the best when it comes to the laptop market. Furthermore, Apple laptops are known to be immune to many constant problems that other prominent brands are prone to, such as durability issues.

All of this makes Apple the best laptop brand for 2015. Furthermore, due to the recent improvements in technologies showcased by Apple with their laptops such as MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro systems, it is possible that Apple will retain its number 1 position for a few more years.

#2: Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese brand that has gained great prominence in recent years. Many tech magazines and critics list it as the most dependable laptop PC manufacturer, due to its business productivity features. Although it is relatively new as compared to several top PC brands when you talk about competition in the market, Lenovo has still managed to a lot of milestones in recent years, especially in its offering of top-quality computation processes at an affordable price.

The company is famous for its E series, Flex series, G series, Yoga Series and Z series systems, all of which offer a stylish design as well as maximum fun for the users. This is why the brand comes at number 2 on the list.

#3: Sony VAIO

In recent years, Sony VAIO has witnessed a “revival” within itself. The company has offered several touchscreen sleek models pre-installed with the latest in Windows software. Features such as these have made the company a formidable competitor in the global laptop market. Watch out Apple, Sony has tons to offer in future years.

#4: Dell

If you want a touchscreen system, Dell is a great choice for you. The company is known to manufacture a stunning range of laptops that specifically target buyers with a limited budget. The brand has offered some really stylish and compatible systems such as Inspiron and XPS, which have further fuelled its popularity.

Furthermore, Dell is extremely popular among the youth, especially students. Just visit any well-known college campus or university, and you will surely find at least a dozen students with a Dell laptop busy doing assignment and prepping for their academic endeavors.

#5: Acer

Being a well-known brand among global PC users, Acer has offered many systems that offer topnotch technology at cheap market rates. No wonder the company has seen considerable growth in recent years.

Besides all its offered tech features, Acer has offered portable chromebooks and ultrabooks that have gained massive popularity throughout the world.

So, these are the best laptop brands for the year 2015. Find more of electronic deals you can find here.

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